Bike rental access in Pittsburgh

This is an interactive Leaflet map of Healthy Ride access in Pittsburgh. It counts how many Healthy Ride stations are within a 10 minute bike ride of a given location.

Effect of COVID-19 on Pittsburgh parking transactions

The COVID-19 pandemic’s affect on commerce and mobility habits is well documented. For example, Apple publishes Mobility Trends reports about utilization of various transportation modes.

Pittsburgh City Boundary Model Leaflet Map

View this classification model that distinguishes between census tracts that are inside or outside the City of Pittsburgh

Modeling the Pittsburgh City Boundary

In this post I create a model that differentiates census tracts that are inside and outside the city limits of Pittsburgh

Comparing Healthy Ride Usage Pre And "Post" COVID-19

Lawrence Andrews asked me on Twitter if there had been a change in Health Ride usage after COVID-19. Would be interested to see this @healthyridepgh data to compare pre-covid (2019) and during (2020) — Lawrence Andrews (@lawrenceandrews) August 13, 2020 The {tidyverts} universe of packages from Rob Hyndman provides a lot of tools that let you interrogate time series data.

Visualizing Transit Connections Between Pittsburgh Census Tracts

In this post I will use transit line and stop data from the WPRDC to map connections between census tracts. I access the census data via {tidycensus}, which contains information about the commuter connections between census tracts.

How Many Pittsburghers Cross the River to Get to Work

This post focuses on how many rivers Pittsburghers cross to get to work. I use the U.S. Census Bureau LEHD Origin-Destination Employment Statistics (LODES) dataset to draw lines between “home” census tracts and “work” census tracts, and then count how many “commuter lines” intersect with the 3 main rivers in Pittsburgh.

Analyzing Commuter Patterns in Allegheny County

Note: high-res images of the main graphs from this post are available here, here, here, and here. In this post I will use networks plots to analyze patterns of commuters in Allegheny County.

Forecasting Healthy Ride Ridership With Prophet

This post is about predicting demand for the Healthy Ride bike system in Pittsburgh. I wanted to try out Facebook’s prophet package and try to do some time series forecasting.

Residential Zoning in Pittsburgh

The New York Times recently published an article about zoning in U.S. cities, particularly single-unit detached residential housing. The article did not include Pittsburgh, so I downloaded the zone shapefile from the WPRDC and made my own map.