Premier League 538 SPI Ratings

538’s Soccer Power Index (SPI) rates the quality of soccer teams from a variety of leagues around the world. In this post I’ll use gganimate to animate team SPI over the past 3 seasons.

Exploring 311 Data With PCA

Principal Component Analysis in R Principal Component Analysis is an unsupervised method that reduces the number of dimensions in a dataset and highlights where the data varies. We will use PCA to analyze the 311 dataset from the WPRDC.

R 311 Pothole Workshop Code for Pittsburgh

Goals Learn how R works Gain basic skills for exploratory analysis with R Learn something about local data and potholes! If we are successful, you should be able to hit the ground running on your own project with R

Mayor Bill Peduto Tweets

Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto uses Twitter to communicate with his constituents, express his political opinions, and comment about Pittsburgh sports. I will use various R packages (mainly the Tidyverse, Tidytext, and rtweet) to analyze how the Mayor uses Twitter.

Mapping Healthy Ride Data

This post is about mapping the Healthy Ride dataset in R. This is my third post about the Healthy Ride bike service in Pittsburgh. You can find the first post and second post on my blog.