Effect of Geographic Resolution on ebirdst Abundance

While exploring some of the citizen science bird observation data available through ebirdst, I was confused by how to understand the calculation of ebirdst’s abundance metric. The ebirdst documentation (?

Clustering Bird Species With Seasonality

In this post, I use k-means clustering to identify clusters of bird species based on frequency of observations per month. I use bird sightings in Allegheny County from eBird.

Cumulative eBird Sightings in Allegheny County

This will be a quick post on cumulative bird observations in Allegheny County. Cumulative graphs show overall trends, seasonality, and quirks in how the data was recorded. They are also fun to turn into animated gifs with gganimate.

eBirding in Allegheny County

In this post I will do some exploratory analysis on eBird data. I’ve picked up birdwatching as a hobby during quarantine, and eBird has a ton of cool data on bird sightings.

Graphing Seasonality in Ebird Bird Sightings

Over the winter I became interested in birding. Sitting in your back yard doing nothing but watching birds fly around is quite relaxing. Naturally I am looking for ways to optimize and quantify this relaxing activity.