Shifting political winds

The purpose of this post is to recreate the “Shift from 2016” arrow map that the New York Times used to show which counties became more Democratic or Republican-leaning from 2016 to 2020.

Actblue Interstate Political Campaign Donations

ActBlue is an online service that allows people to make donations to the political campaigns of Democractic candidates across the country. This post uses graph theory to analyze how political donations moved across states.

Comparing U S Senators Casey and Toomey

As a follow-up to my post about how Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto uses Twitter, I thought it would be useful to examine and compare how Pennsylvania’s U.S. senators use Twitter.

Mayor Bill Peduto Tweets

Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto uses Twitter to communicate with his constituents, express his political opinions, and comment about Pittsburgh sports. I will use various R packages (mainly the Tidyverse, Tidytext, and rtweet) to analyze how the Mayor uses Twitter.